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Squirmles Magical Pets

Watch the video to see the Magical Worms moving 

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Squirmles Worms

Squirmles Green $4


Squirmles Pink $4


Squirmles Yellow $4


Squirmles Blue $4

Squirmles Orange $4


Squirmles Purple $4


Special Offers


6 - Pack Squirmles $20


12 - Pack Squirmles $37


1 Squirmles

$ 4 shipping $4

6 - Pack Offer

$ 20 shipping $4

12 - Pack Offer

$ 37 Free Shipping

Customer Reviews

Hi Andra Just letting you know, that my Squirmles worms arrived safely and soundly in the post!!! Yayyyy!!! Thank you so much for keeping me informed and staying true to your word - it's always a risk and worry buying from unknowns anywhere in the world..and you've been an absolute delight. Good karma coming your way 🙂 Take care...and thank you again for your professionalism and care in this transaction...although a small one, the meaning behind these squirmles worms..a gift to an old friend - is very special.. 🙂
Andra, thank you do much for explaining this to me. I really appreciate it. My 5 yr old thinks his wormy is in the hospital getting fixed, so you can imagine I get asked about it everyday. Thank you for your fabulous customer service! Hello! I received the squirmles worms yesterday. Thanks so much for sending them! Best Wishes,
Just wanted to let you know that the magic squirmles worms arrived and it made my son very happy. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Michael U.
Hello Andra, Just let you know my package has arrived. Me and my sons are very very happy and have a lot's of fun with the Squirmles. Thank's for the excellent customer service,
Adam Cheise
We received our Squirmles worm! Thanks. You saved me. My daughter got one at a toy store here in Washington state when we were on a trip. I ended up washing it the night we got home! She was very upset but now she has a new one and is happy happy. Thank you,
Hello there, I am Ms Janine Mayo, I am writing to inform you that I received the Squirmles magical pet two days ago, Thank very much!! It’s easy to use and funny as hell to your friends and family. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks again
Janine M

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